A Los Angeles-area meteorologist seen in viral footage collapsing during a live broadcast says she’s now out of the hospital and “doing ok.”

In a series of Instagram updates, meteorologist Alissa Carlson first thanked everyone who had reached out with words of support after footage of the incident went viral. In the clip, seen above and/or below, Carlson is seen being introduced for a KCAL News segment before fainting and falling out of the view of the camera.

“Thanks for all the kind wishes as I recover from a head injury,” Carlson told her more than 13,000 Instagram followers on Sunday. “I am out of the hospital and doing ok. Lots of sleeping and even some pizza.” In a subsequent update, Carlson referenced a prior health scare, saying “it’s not my heart this time.”

Health update from weather reporter
Image via Alissa Carlson on Instagram
Instagram update from weather reporter
Image via Alissa Carlson on Instagram
IG post after viral health scre
Image via Alissa Carlson on Instagram

As for the referenced heart condition, Carlson—who previously served as the Circle of Red chairperson for the American Heart Association—opened up to KGET back in 2018 about how a prior on-air incident ultimately led to an enlightening conversation with a doctor.

“I went to the doctor and they said, ‘Have you ever thought about having a heart condition?’” Carlson said at the time when looking back on a 2014 broadcast during which she vomited. “I said ‘No.’ I am way too young for that I am very healthy.”

After that conversation, Carlson said, she learned she had a leaky heart valve.