While the Buccaneers won Sunday night’s match-up against the Eagles, a few fans likely had a worse afternoon at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. 

In several videos shot during the playoff game, recorded around when Philadelphia was down 31-0, two Eagles fans can be seen seemingly initiating a fight in one of the upper-levels of the venue. 

The clips—both shared above and reported on by TMZ—show parts of the stadium scuffle, as a man in a Brian Dawkins jersey can be seen tossing a Tampa Bay fan down some stairs before being jumped by several other Bucs fans.

That leads to an all-out tussle, where several people can be seen throwing punches and flying through different rows of seats at the top of the stadium—which of course, isn’t the ideal spot to be in a fight. The end of the clip shows one spectator even punching a woman who attempted to break up the fight. 

Another clip, which has been recorded off a phone, shows one of the involved Eagles fans being beat on in between seats, before a police officer comes over to break things up. It’s certainly a chaotic scene, and TMZ reports that there has since been no word on what the resulting injuries were following the brawl. 

The fight was just one aspect of an usual Sunday night in football, as Dallas Cowboys fans were caught on video yesterday tossing objects at their home team as they left AT&T Stadium.

The Cowboys’ loss to the San Francisco 49ers was unfortunate for those at the venue, but even more unfortunate was the response, as NFL Network’s Jen Slater shared that the “fan who sent [the video] to me said absolutely at players and they were disgusted by it when I asked… to absolutely make sure that was the case.”