Released just five days apart, Certified Lover Boy and Donda are already closely associated with each other.

The tone and subject matter of each project is very different, but because of the rising tensions between Drake and Kanye West as their rollouts smashed into each other this summer, fans immediately started making comparisons. Which album is better? Which one will age better? Which one will sell more?

When it comes to sales, it looks like the question has already been answered. According to projections, Drake will move more first-week units than Kanye (although Donda didn’t get the benefit of a full week of tracking because it was released on a Sunday). As most of us know, though, sales aren’t everything. The quality of the actual music (and how well it ages over time) will ultimately determine the legacy of these projects.

Since the albums are so different, no comparisons are perfect or entirely fair. For most fans, CLB and Donda will both be in heavy rotation in the months and years to come. But since the artists themselves have been so competitive throughout the rollout process, it’s only natural that comparisons will continue to be made. Instead of declaring one album “trash” and the other “classic,” members of the Complex Music team broke the comparisons up into different categories to get a better look at how these projects really stack up with each other.